Step by step
Step by step

If you want to know how to put together a value proposition, do some Googling — there are many resources out there, and they don’t specifically mention what I am about to. Maybe there is a really good reason for this, but either way, I felt the need to put my thoughts into words:

Part 1: the customer profile/persona bit

Value propositions require that you have an idea of a customer profile that your potential product should (hopefully) match with in terms of product<>market fit. E.g. you have a product idea for and you go through the value proposition process to figure out and…

4 doors painted white, 1 painted yellow
4 doors painted white, 1 painted yellow

After 10 years of working my way up the career ladder, I made the decision to ‘go it alone’ about 2 months ago. Since then I have jumped through bureaucratic hurdles, filled in a (small) mountain of paperwork, signed up to a variety of online tools and resources, added a new certification to my resume, created my very own website, and, most importantly, signed my first client who I have now been working with for a few weeks.

Here’s some advice from a freelance newbie in the world of product:

Give yourself some time to get set-up

Give yourself, , one month to get set up…


How do you run a refinement session which covers all the necessary points, answers all the questions, evokes team confidence & ownership, and allows estimations to be applied, effectively and efficiently?

In case some explanation is needed, you can read about what a refinement session is here, and I have decided to take some time to explain in my own weird way:

Vio: I need to eat more fruit

Kat: Why do you need to eat more fruit?

Vio: My doctor says I need more vitamins

Kat: O really?? Any particular kind of vitamins?

Vio: Yeah, he said…

Bull’s eye
Bull’s eye

UX is a million different things.

‘UX is an evolving, multi-faceted discipline. It’s HCI, psychology, design, movement, and flow. It’s both qualitative and quantitative, logical and emotional’.

Yes, I just quoted myself.

My point is that UX is generally considered to be a subjective matter- not one easily broken down or simplified into any kind of applicable process. …


‘Let me just spend 1 hour playing around with the app so I can figure out what happens when the user is logged in…and they have this thing turned off…and they have no internet…’

‘I’m a bit afraid of touching that code- Mark knew it best and I haven’t really looked at it before’

‘We designed it to look like this but forgot that it will also appear to users in that other place- and the design we came up with doesn’t work there’

If you work in product, you will probably have experienced some of the above. We experience…

There are a lot of ‘things’ that may end up on a product backlog; some driven from discovery activities, some driven directly by stakeholders. There is a difference in the nature of these things based on where they come from.

If something is coming from a discovery activity (like some user interviews, or a chat with an industry expert, or from an analytics review, etc.) you will typically find the initial state of the ‘thing’ is not a feature, but a problem statement, high-level requirement, theme or JPG; non-solution oriented basically.

For things coming from stakeholders, it is more likely…

Boats in a storm
Boats in a storm

I attended a UX conference a while ago and a wonderful designer gave a talk on how to manage complexity within solutions without completely sabotaging the UX.

On a basic level:

  1. Avoid quick fixes
  2. Avoid multiple design approaches
  3. Finish the feature; don’t just drop the effort after the first version (iterate people!)
  4. Know when you need to do a redesign; features do outgrow designs initially applied
  5. Have a vision and try to stick to it; don’t get distracted by trying to please everyone

And a nice motto:


Senior product manager based in Berlin, Germany.

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